ChoralOrg is a choral management solution meant to take care of the administrative items in your musical world, and to allow you time to get back to music.  Originally as a project for my own chorus, ChoralOrg was built in such a way that it can be flexible, no matter your choral needs.


Built on WordPress

From the beginning, this was always meant to be a solution built on the most popular website platform — WordPress!  This is both for ensembles with existing WordPress sites, where they can add to what they already have, or as a way to build a new WordPress site from scratch, complete with a free theme that works with ChoralOrg’s layout.


Packages Available for All Ensembles

Whether you’re a small ensemble of close friends or a large choir with complex needs, one of our packages should work for you.  Read short descriptions of each package below, or see more details on the packages page.

Basic Package

This is for the smallest ensembles, where public-facing information is most important.  There are options for organizing your performances and displaying them for the public, showing bios, and basic music storage.

Standard Package

This is for medium-sized ensembles.  Included are more robust controls for members, music, and events, plus event availability and attendance.

Pro Package

This is for large ensembles.  Included are repeating rehearsal config, outfits, venues, peformance schedule, standing order, and more.

Elite Package

This is for the most complex ensembles, where everything is taken care of.  This package isn’t yet complete, but will include a mobile app, music library planning, SMS texting services, and more.


Hosting Available

If your ensemble doesn’t have a website, or even server space at all, we can help there too!  ChoralOrg comes with a managed solution for hosting, built right on top of choralorg.com’s multisite structure.  If you want, you can use yourensemble.choralorg.com, or if have already secured a domain name (e.g. yourensemble.org), either can work with hosting on choralorg.com.


Customer Support

Coming from a professional background in customer service, making sure you’re taken care of is top priority.  A ticketing system is available, and will be introduced in the footer of all ChoralOrg pages, so you can report any issues directly from the website.  Also included are scheduled calls for orientation, as well as regular check-ins for Pro and Elite package ensembles.


Constant Development

The life-cycle of a software service is never complete, and you can be sure that regular updates will be made for the good of the software service.  Sign up for the email list to get updates on future development plans!